The Illusion of Perfection

The Illusion of Perfection.

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I am still learning loads about the WordPress Blog…. so I ended up creating another blog which I feel has the proper blog title and I can do more…. this will be my learning platform….

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Technology, Education and Language

The advantage of early detection is language intervention.

Technology is mainly a barrier because of society’s desire to conform which is unnatural.

Yes technology aids in acquiring the optimal levels of achievements, thus becoming more self-diverse. Depriving language in favor of technology bypassing critical language foundation is setting a path of failures due to the psychological and sociological desire to conform.

Humans by nature as same as any species on this earth are diverse and adaptable. It is bred into each species.  Darwin talks about the survival of the fittest; how the strong survive. Persons who deviate from the social, medical and psychological norms are actually a natural response to natures desire for variety.

My family is a poster family, a rarity in society that allowed each child be who they are with discipline, love and acceptance. Our experiences, adaptability and natural receptivity to diversity shaped our personalities. Again, this type of family is a rarity for a few reasons.

Acceptance, natural social environment, ensuring independence yet fostering closeness due to capability to accept our differences and needs. Love of each of us is critical. We are born to each our own.

Technology is a great tool, it need not define or shape a person. The whole child is essential, not just one piece of the child. The spirit, mind, body and soul is all that a person can be by nature and/or in addition to technology.  Technology in most perspectives focus on only one part of the person, rather than encompassing the whole. It is essential that even technology is present that one can live with and without it. To learn a language or two with or without technology.

Education is essential to the mind. Allowing schools to determine what is needed for your child is a grievous mistake. Education starts at home. If there is no language to begin with, how do you expect a child to be successful, academic-wise? Natural learning environment is denied to the child if technology is the sole educational tool employed.

Acceptance and looking beyond the psychological and social norms of culture brings the spirit of self; whether through religion, nature or however. Acknowledging the difference of self and merging that into the whole brings assurance that self will be successful in any avenue of life.

The body needs what it needs, yet it adapts through nature. Take for instance, the main topic of whole is deaf. Yes, there’s a loss of hearing, yet we can adapt to other senses and avenues of communication (not counting languages) in society and nature. It allows us to vary to meet the diverse needs of nature and cultural values.

If technology is present in the body (or with), one loses the ability to instinctively and naturally adapt when the time arises to be without technology. It is okay and natural to want to be like others, just be prepared for loss of technology. Go without technology for a while. It can be cleansing to the mind and spirit.

Let me share a story. A child who is multiple-disabled, in reality is a very sweet and bright child. The mother is determined to ensure that her child will continue to get quality education. This child’s disabilities include cognitive and hearing loss. When I first met them, they were struggling at a school system where technology was next to negligible and the teachers’ aide was unable to communicate with this child. We fought to transfer this child to another school, where the appropriate education will be provided. Success!

Fast forward 3 years later, from the first day to prior the child moving up another grade, there has been tremendous improvement in social and language skills. Now the mother battles another issue – providing a teacher of the deaf/hard of hearing (TDHH) to work on language arts, rather than the mental impairment (MI) teacher. The MI teacher will provide instruction on other subjects, the mother was adamant that the school provide an TDHH because of language. The MI teacher had the gall to say that her major disability is cognitive. The child’s teacher of record (who happened to retire after the end of this school year/summer) also advocated for TDHH for Language Arts. As an advocate for the mother, I emphasized that with the child’s deafness, language is critical for cognitive development. No child is an idiot unless there is no language provided daily, which is to put the responsibility squarely on the parents, school system, and the programs the child is enrolled in.

In this case, the child is not an idiot, since moving to the DHH program, language was the foundation for her cognitive growth. This was fostered by the parents, the teachers and the community which accepted this child. The MI teacher’s implication that language cannot be achieved with cognitive issues goes to show that this person has something to learn about reality. The special education cooperative decided to delay the quality of education by ordering evaluations to be completed within 50 days and we all know how the school system functions in terms of disability accommodations, just like the federal government – red tape. In the process, the child’s language development will be stalled and brought back to last year’s language curriculum. Believe me when I saw the papers the MI teacher shared with us; I was like ‘Didn’t she do this last year?”.

The teacher of the record since retiring had subbed for the DHH programs at the elementary and intermediate school, after this meeting, the retired teacher was blacklisted, no longer can sub for the schools. This is the teacher who has taught over 300 students in 40 years of her service and more than half of them are successful in life because of her belief that children who are deaf are to be challenged, encouraged and educated just like anyone else, anywhere, anytime and any place.

In one way, education is a technology providing tools and resources that children learn and use. This is a technology that no one should have to live without; however, to intervene in the natural order of the world by adding a technology (other than education) and disregarding the natural education/social acquisition of language available to the child just because the parents don’t want to adapt, the chances that this child’s life and education is doomed.

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Thoughts rambling…


It’s a blessed thing that in every age someone has had enough individuality and courage to stand by his own convictions. – Robert G. Ingersoll

We have enough people who tell it like it is – now we could use a few who can tell it like it can be. – Robert Orben

We look into ourselves and ask what difference have we made today? Where did that difference come from?  All of us are ordinary folks living ordinary lives in various locations across Earth. It is the ordinary that makes the difference stand out. None of us ‘extraordinary’ are actually that, we are ordinary and because of this difference we do make Earth a better place to live. A dog or cat with 3 legs still survive as do a fox with no tail. A flower may lose a petal, yet its beauty shines.  Earth is impartial to those who are ordinary, yet humans make a big difference or rather…a big deal over those who are different.

We have survived the ages…we will continue to do so, with or without technology.

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